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D (66)
Current YSlow grade: D (66)

Measurements over time

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YSlow breakdown

Basic measurements
Overall rank D (66%)
Page Size1619772 bytes
Amount of requests with empty cache187Page Load time0 ms
Best practices
Make fewer HTTP requests F (0%)
Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) F (0%)
Add Expires headers F (0%)
Avoid Empty Image src A (100%)
Compress components with gzip F (0%)
Put CSS at top B (89%)
Put JavaScript at bottom C (75%)
Avoid CSS expressions B (86%)
Make JavaScript and CSS external F (0%)
Reduce DNS lookups F (0%)
Minify JavaScript and CSS B (80%)
Avoid URL redirects A (100%)
Remove duplicate JavaScript and CSS A (100%)
Configure entity tags (ETags) F (0%)
Make AJAX cacheable A (100%)
Use GET for AJAX requests A (100%)
Reduce the number of DOM elements A (100%)
Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error A (100%)
Reduce cookie size A (100%)
Use cookie-free domains A (100%)
Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter A (100%)
Do not scale images in HTML A (100%)
Make favicon small and cacheable A (100%)

YSlow measurements history (csv)